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A4 expressway, Komin, Croatia

Master Of Pixels :o) posted a photo:

The Tri-color Dream Team VS. The Unstoppable Insuperable Blazers

Please write your opinion who will win in finale, what result is going to be, who will score goal, will we again see penatly kick after draw game, please write your opinion about result etc. If you think that photo is cool feel free to share it with friends.

I did this photo early in the morning, I wake up about 5 a.m. to avoid people, I didn't want that somebody think that I am crazy doing this photo session lol. I did preparation yesterday (I was thinking about photo title, about what toys to use etc., I bought Croatian football shoe in post office, I noticed it before 1 week).
I didn't have French football shoe it will fit great for idea. I hope you will enjoy in photo idea. When I came this morning to the beach sea was so calm, but when I started my idea sea waves come their dance so they help again to bring dynamic to my idea.

Enjoy in older football song ;D


P.s. I change a little nickname for French and Croatian team. Franch team = The Tri-color Team or L'Equipe Tricolore or Les Tricolores.
Croatian team = Vatreni or Blazers.

My old football idea FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 you can see here


The Tri-color Dream Team VS. The Unstoppable Insuperable Blazers

Norbert B

Ban Jela

St. Mark's Church, Zagreb, Croatia

Norbert BКоличество просмотров страницы: 518

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